York No Shows

Judges issue bench warrants when a defendant fails to show up for a court appearance.

By South Carolina Rule, a defendant may be required to show up every time there is a General Sessions term of court.
In the 16th Circuit, we work with the defendant and defense attorneys diligently to schedule cases that fit the courts, law enforcement, defense attorneys, and solicitors’ schedules. 

The “No Show List” provided lists defendants who have failed to appear in court for the term listed in the document(s).

If satisfactory arrangements are not made with the listed Solicitor for the various cases, a bench warrant will be issued.

As a defendant, you can check with your local law enforcement office or the Clerk of Court to find out if a judge issued a bench or arrest warrant against you.

If you have any questions please call (803) 628-3020.

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16th Circuit Solicitor's Office
16th Circuit Solicitor's Office7 days ago

Yesterday, Derrick Cook was sentenced to eighteen years for breaking into a York County man’s house in the middle of the night and duct-taping and assaulting him.

Cook was scheduled for trial but pleaded guilty to a range of fifteen years...