Victim Services Unit

Victim Advocates:

When a crime occurs, the “people of the state” represented by the Solicitor or one of his assistants, prosecute the case. The Victim-Witness Advocates inform victims of their rights. They act as liaisons between the victims and other agencies. They attend court hearings with victims or attend on their behalf. They keep the victims informed of hearing dates, case updates, and defendants’ sentences. They set up pretrial conferences upon a Solicitor’s request and attend them. They attend hearings when requested to attend by the victim or their family.

Introduction to Victim-Witness Assistance:

If you are a victim of a crime or a witness to one, your assistance is vital to our criminal justice system. It is only through your cooperation that criminals can be brought to justice. The information in this section will help you understand what services are available to assist you, what happens in bringing a case to trial, and your rights as a victim or witness.

Rights of Victims and Witnesses:

  • To be treated with dignity and compassion
  • To have protection from intimidation and harm
  • To be informed concerning the criminal justice process
  • The right to reparation
  • To the preservation of property and employment
  • To due process in criminal court
  • To special recognition for the very young, elderly, handicapped, and others with special needs

If You Become a Victim:

  1. First, report the crime to law enforcement
  2. Then contact the York County Solicitor’s Office Victim-Witness Assistance Program at (803) 628-3020


If you have any fears regarding your involvement in the case, contact the Victim/Witness Assistance Program. On extremely rare occasions, you may receive a threat. A person who threatens or harasses a witness is obstructing justice and may be committing a crime. If you are threatened, immediately contact your local police/sheriff’s department or the Solicitor’s Office.

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Yesterday, Derrick Cook was sentenced to eighteen years for breaking into a York County man’s house in the middle of the night and duct-taping and assaulting him.

Cook was scheduled for trial but pleaded guilty to a range of fifteen years...