South Carolina has the unfortunate distinction of regularly leading the country in domestic violence-related deaths. To combat this problem in the Sixteenth Circuit, Solicitor Brackett’s Domestic Violence Unit works closely with all parts of the criminal justice system as well as service providers in the community to achieve impactful resolutions for troubled families. In some situations this means incarceration but other cases call for intervention and services. Our Domestic Violence prosecutors have a variety of tools at their disposal as they carefully evaluate each case. In addition to traditional outcomes like the Pre-Trial Intervention Program and plea negotiations, York County offers two domestic violence pilot programs: the Domestic Violence Diversion Program and Domestic Violence Protocols for offenders sentenced to probation. With these resources and the assistance of other participants, the Sixteenth Circuit is poised to lead the State to better outcomes in the context of domestic violence.

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16th Circuit Solicitor's Office
16th Circuit Solicitor's Office7 days ago

Yesterday, Derrick Cook was sentenced to eighteen years for breaking into a York County man’s house in the middle of the night and duct-taping and assaulting him.

Cook was scheduled for trial but pleaded guilty to a range of fifteen years...