York Court Docket

Downloadable Dockets are available for the term(s) listed below for General Sessions, Initial Appearance, and Preliminary Hearings.

ALL DOCKETED DEFENDANTS ARE TO APPEAR ON DATE(S) LISTED ABOVE. You will be notified of any additions to this docket with seven days notice prior to the call of the case.

The defendants are required to be in court on the date(s) listed below at 8:30 am unless specified to be here otherwise. As from previous terms of court, if the defendant is not present on the date(s) specified, a bench warrant will be issued for the defendant’s arrest. See York No Show List for more information.

Each docketed defendant MUST check in with whoever is handling roll-call to be considered present and must remain until personally excused by the ASSISTANT SOLICITOR handling their case. IF A DEFENDANT LEAVES WITHOUT BEING EXCUSED BY THE ASSISTANT SOLICITOR, THEY WILL BE BENCH WARRANTED.

Defense Attorneys, please look over the whole list of defendants for your clients. Occasionally there are some defendants that, according to our list, are not represented or have changed attorneys and are being represented by you. These are few and far between, however, to make sure there are no mistakes, please look at the whole list.

This docket may be amended upon seven days notice. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact The Solicitor’s Office at (803 628-3020).

* The Docket is Available for download in Adobe PDF.

General Sessions Docket(s)

1 789801078a York-General-Sessions-Docket 1f362a2fc5

York General Sessions Docket for August 8th, 2022

Open Download
544.39 KB


Initial Appearance Docket(s)

1 789801078a York-Initial-Appearance-Docket 1f362a2fc5

Initial Appearance Docket for August-16-2022

Open Download
394.79 KB

Initial Appearance Docket for August-15-2022

Open Download
382.74 KB


Preliminary Docket(s)

1 789801078a York-Preliminary-Hearing-Docket 1f362a2fc5

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16th Circuit Solicitor's Office7 days ago

Yesterday, Derrick Cook was sentenced to eighteen years for breaking into a York County man’s house in the middle of the night and duct-taping and assaulting him.

Cook was scheduled for trial but pleaded guilty to a range of fifteen years...