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The Juvenile Division of the 16th Circuit Solicitor’s Office handles most cases where the criminal offender is under the age of 18. There are a few exceptions to this depending on the severity of charges. Started in 1993, the office began with one assistant solicitor, and it has grown through the years to include another assistant solicitor, two paralegal/victim advocates, and a juvenile diversion staff to manage juvenile arbitration, juvenile drug treatment court, a truancy program, and a juvenile pre-trial diversion program.  The office for the York County Solicitor’s Juvenile Division is in Rock Hill in the York County Family Court Building at 1555 West Main Street.

The goal of Juvenile Family Court is to protect the public while attempting to rehabilitate the juvenile. Most juveniles who are non-violent, non-serious offenders remain in the community. Rehabilitation may be achieved through prevention and intervention programs such as the arbitration program, juvenile drug treatment court, group homes, or the Department of Juvenile Justice’s Marine Institute. Unfortunately, not all juveniles can be rehabilitated. The Solicitor’s Office will attempt to place these serious, violent, and repeat offenders in long-term incarceration. The main difference between Family Court and General Sessions Court is the maximum penalties for the various crimes. The maximum sentence for a juvenile in Family Court is an indeterminate sentence not to exceed the juvenile’s 21st birthday.

Please click on the links here to learn more about the diversion programs and the victim assistance programs administered in the Juvenile Division of the 16th Circuit Solicitor’s Office.

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16th Circuit Solicitor's Office
16th Circuit Solicitor's Office7 days ago

Yesterday, Derrick Cook was sentenced to eighteen years for breaking into a York County man’s house in the middle of the night and duct-taping and assaulting him.

Cook was scheduled for trial but pleaded guilty to a range of fifteen years...