2013 Anti-Drug & Anti-Violence
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Message from Kevin Brackett, Solicitor

It is my privilege and honor to serve the people of York and Union counties as the Solicitor for the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit. I believe that public service is the highest and best purpose that I could put my education and experience to and it is for that reason that I have worked my entire professional career as a prosecutor in York and Union Counties. I started with the Solicitor's office as an assistant in 1991. In 1995 I was appointed the Chief Deputy Solicitor for the circuit by then Solicitor Tommy Pope, a position I served in until Tommy's retirement in 2006. Based on my experience and the recommendations of Tommy Pope, Sheriff Bruce Bryant, and all the Chiefs of Police, I was appointed by Governor Mark Sanford to fulfill the balance of Tommy's term. In 2008 I was honored to be elected by the citizens of the 16th Circuit for a four year term. During my years as an assistant I worked with Tommy to reduce a staggering backlog of nearly ten thousand criminal cases to a much more manageable caseload of approximately three thousand cases. Our office adapted and implemented a novel case management method known as Differentiated Case Management (DCM) which has become the model for the rest of the state. 

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